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This page is still under construction but there is a lot of interesting info here...



1969 - 2007

My name is Glen Crooker and I am the current Northeast Baseball League Commissioner. I am from Stoneham and have been Coaching the Stoneham Team since 1985. I first started Coaching in Stoneham Little League in 1973. Since then I have been on a trip that at this point I could write a book. Stories that I am always telling my ballplayers every year in hopes to motivate them, build their confidence and help them mature into good if not great baseball players.  I am not an expert when it comes to teaching baseball, but have had many Coaches, Hitting instructors, and Pitching instructors along the way, that with their expert advise, been able to pass this on to my ballplayers. Some of the people who have helped me played Pro ball, or are Collage Coaches and High School Coaches. I saw 4 kids from Stoneham sign pro contracts, and several kids get baseball scholarships to play Collage Baseball.


From the way I understand the purpose of this League, every city and town who enter a team in our league are playing the kids who basically

make up next years High School Varsity Team.  The League originated back in 1969, and was organized by the Wakefield High School Varsity Coach - Larry McShane, and our first League Commissioner, George E Koulouris. From what people tell me George Koulouris was the major influence and did all the organizational work. There were 4 teams in 1969 and it appears they were Coached by that towns varsity coach mostly, and some other people who worked with the High School Coaches:  Lynnfield, Reading, Stoneham and Wakefield.


Their team was next springs High School Team. The word, unofficially was, “If you do not play for me on the summer team, do not plan

on playing for me on the High School Varsity Team next spring!”  When the word was out, there were many cities and towns that wanted to

get involved so as time went on it was decided to set up 2 divisions. Some teams were too far to travel to, so at first teams only played other teams in their own division. Then a playoff format was set up to cross over to the other division and play a 2 out of 3 series to determine League Champions.  1970, It was Melrose, Reading, Stoneham and Wakefield.


1971, The word among High School Coaches was out, and they wanted to put a team in the League. 9 Teams were established, Bedford,

Burlington, Medford, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington, and Winchester.


1972, Coaches in the Merrimack Valley League wanted to get in the League. So it was decided to have 2 divisions, the North and the

South. 14 teams were in the League, Bedford, Burlington, Chelmsford, Everett, Lowell, Lynnfield, Medford, Melrose, Reading, Stoneham,

Tewksbury, Wakefield, Wilmington and Winchester.


1973, The League had 16 teams, Bedford, Billerica, Chelmsford, Everett, Lowell, Lexington, Lynnfield, Melrose, Nashua NH, Reading, Stoneham,

Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, Tewksbury, and Dracut.


1974, Bedford, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Everett, Lexington, Lowell, Lynnfield, Melrose, Nashua NH, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington,

Winchester, Tewkbury.


1975,  Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Everett, Lexington, Lowell, Lynnfield, Melrose, Wakefield, Westford, Wilmington, Winchester.


1976, Andover, Bedford, Belmont, Billerica, Burlington, Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Everett, Lowell, Melrose, Wakefield, Wilmington,

Winchester, Westford.


1977, Andover, Bedford, Belmont,  Burlington, Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Everett, Lowell, Reading, Wakefield, Westford, Wilmington, Winchester.


1978, Burlington, Chelmsford, Dracut, Lowell, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington.


1979, Burlington, Chelmsford, Dracut, Everett, Lowell, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington.


1980, Burlington, Chelmsford, Dracut, Everett, Lynnfield, Lowell, Reading, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester.


1983, Billerica, Burlington, Chelmsford, Dracut, Lowell, North Reading, Lynnfield, Reading, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn


1986 Northeast Baseball League

North Division

  • Burlington - George DiMattia, Jim Curtin

  • Chelmsford - Ken Duane, Tim Tiches

  • Dracut - Hank Golec, Steve Williams

  • Tewksbury - Guy Mader, Dave Lindsey, John Miller

  • Westford - Larry Cormier

  • Wilmington Dick Scanlon

South Division



            Lynnfield                              Kevin Canty


            Reading                                Pete Moscariello


            Stoneham                             Bill Seabury

                                                            Arthur Hartung

                                                            Glen Crooker


            Wakefield                              Bill Parr

                                                            Joe D’Agostino


            Winchester                           Larry Crowley

                                                            Bill Chase    


            Woburn                                 Dan Canada

                                                            Bill Lewis     

                                                            Dave Crowley


North Division Director                 Hank Golec

North Div Umpire in Chief            Andy Cohen


South Division Director                Bill Parr

South Div Umpire in Chief           Frank Tarasuk


League Commissioner                 George E Koulouris




1987, Andover, Arlington, Burlington, Chelmsford, Dracut, Lynnfield,

Melrose, Methuen, Reading, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Wakefield,

Westford, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn.




                        1989 Northeast Baseball League


                                                North Division


Andover                                Dave Bettencourt


Burlington                            George D Mattia

                                                Jim Curtin


Chelmsford                          Ken Duane  


Dracut                                   Hank Golec

                                                Rick McElhinney


Lowell                                    George Cunha       

                                                Mark Chandler


North Reading                    Len Luizza

                                                Ray Landry 

                                                Kevin Brown


Tewksbury                           Jim Mackey 

                                                Tom Cooke 

                                                Guy Mader


Wilmington                           Dick Scanlon

                                                Jim Moynihan




                                                South Division


Burlington                            Len Orsini

                                                Jim Curtin


Lynnfield                              Kevin Canty

                                                Joe White


Melrose                                 Charles Bleiler

                                                Dick Brown

                                                Bob Wentzell



Reading                                Greg Bernard         

                                                Pete Moscariello




Stoneham                             Glen Crooker

                                                Bill Seabury


Wakefield                              Tom Coughlin

                                                Dave Flanagan


Winchester                           Ed Whelan

                                                Rob Mistretta          

                                                William Chase


Woburn                                 Dan Canada

                                                Bill Lewis

                                                Sam Miele


North Division Director                 Ken Duane

North Div Umpire in Chief            Andy Cohen


South Division Director                Bill Parr

South Div Umpire in Chief           Fran Tarasuk


League Commissioner                 George E Koulouris







                                    1992 South Division


Burlington                            Len Orsini

                                                Jim Curtin


Lynnfield                              Joe White

                                                Alan Esbitt


North Andover                    David Walsh

                                                Paul Theberge


North Reading                    Lem Liuzza 

                                                Frank Carey


Reading                                Mike McKenna

                                                Pete Moscariello


Stoneham                             Glen Crooker

                                                Bill Seabury



Wakefield                              Vinnie Campanella

                                                Scott Rawson


South Division Director                Bill Parr

South Div Umpire in Chief           Ralph Fiore


League Commissioner                 Ken Duane



                                    1995 Northeast Baseball League


                                                North Division


Billerica                                 Ed Smith


Central                                  Leo Shaughnessy

                                                Larry Rossi


Chelmsford                          Ken Duane  

                                                Jack Wholey


Dracut                                   Tim Woods


Lowell                                    Mark Chandler


North Andover                    Al Perry


Tewksbury                           Roy Patterson


                                                South Division


Burlington                            Ed Malatesta

                                                Jim Curtin


Lynnfield                              Joe McManus


North Reading                    Paul Cerrone

                                                Chris Conroy


Reading                                Gary D’Entremont

                                                Pete Moscariello


Stoneham                             Glen Crooker



Wakefield                              Bill Dwyer

                                                Dennis Bisso


Wilmington                           Rob Patterson

                                                Dick Gillis    

                                                Dick Scanlon


South Division Director                Bill Parr

League Commissioner                 Ken Duane
















                                    2004 Northeast Baseball League


                                                North Division


Andover                                Frank Foley


Chelmsford                          Ken Duane


Dracut                                   Bill Ducharme


Greater Lowell Voc            Steve Botto


Haverhill                               Larry Obrien


Lowell                                    Tom Boyle


Tewksbury                           Jim Dragon


Westford                               Mike Dellorso


                                                South Division


Billerica                                 Joe Higgins

                                                Ernie Rahn


Burlington                            Dave  Castellano


Lynnfield                              Nick Peters


North Reading                    Marco Vittozzi


Stoneham                             Glen Crooker


Wakefield                              Bill Smeglin


Wilmington                           Jim Buck


Woburn                                 Ryan Greene


South Division Director                Glen Crooker

South Div Umpire in Chief           Harry Nelson


North Div Umpire in Chief            Hank Golec


League Commissioner                 Ken Duane

                                    2005 Northeast Baseball League


                                                North Division


Chelmsford                          Bobby Byrne


Dracut                                   Dennis Kennedy


Greater Lowell Voc            Steve Botto


Haverhill                               Dan Francescone


Lowell                                    Tom Boyle


Tewksbury                           Jim Dragon


Westford                               Mike Dellorso


                                                South Dovision


Billerica                                 Joe Higgins

                                                Ernie Rahn


Burlington                            Jim Curtin


North Reading                    Marco            Vittozzi


Stoneham                             Glen Crooker


Wakefield                              Bill Smeglin


Wilmington                           Jim Buck


Woburn                                 Ryan Greene


North Division Director                 Ken Duane

North Div Umpire in Chief            Hank Golec


South Div Umpire in Chief           Ed Lynch


League Commissioner                 Glen Crooker






                        C denotes League Champion

1st Series, 1st Place Team Plays 2nd Place Team in other Division, Winners

of the Series Plays in the Finals.


Year                            North Div                  South Div                             Finals


1972                           Lowell                        Wakefield                              Lowell -C


1973                           1st Lowell                  1st Lynnfield                         Lynnfield -C

                                    2nd Dracut                 2nd Wakefield                       Wakefield


1974                           1st Lowell                  1st Woburn                           Lowell -C

                                    2ND Dracut                 2nd Wakefield                       Woburn


1975                           1st Dracut                  1st Lexington                       Dracut -C

                                    2ND Lowell                 2nd Wakefield                       Lowell


1976                           1st Dracut                  1st Wakefield                        Dracut -C

                                    2ND Chelmsford       2nd Burlington                      Chelmsford


1977                           1st Chelmsford        1st Burlington                   Burlington -C

                                    2ND Lowell                 2nd Wakefield                    Chelmsford


1978                           1st Chelmsford        1st Reading                      Chelmsford -C

                                    2ND Dracut                 2nd Everett                         Reading


1979                           1st Chelmsford        1st Reading                          Everett -C

                                    2ND Wilmington        2nd Everett                            Chelmsford


1980                           1st Chelmsford        1st Reading                           Reading -C

                                    2ND Wilmington        2nd Winchester                    Chelmsford


1981                           1st Chelmsford        1st Winchester             Chelmsford -C

                                    2ND Lowell                 2nd Reading                    Lowell


1982                           1st Chelmsford        1st Wakefield                        Reading - C

                                    2ND Billerica              2nd Reading                          Billerica


1983                         1st Chelmsford      1st Reading                  Chelmsford -C

                                 2ND Billerica            2nd Lynnfield                  Billerica


1984                         1st Burlington         1st Reading                    Burlington -C

                                 2ND Wilmington      2nd Lynnfield                  Reading


1985                         1st Chelmsford       1st Wakefield                  Burlington -C

                                 2ND Burlington       2nd Woburn                    Chelmsford


1986                         1st Chelmsford       1st Woburn                    Chelmsford -C                                               

                                 2ND Tewksbury       2nd Stoneham                   Woburn


1987                          1st Chelmsford      1st Reading                   Chelmsford -C

                                  2ND Burlington       2nd Winchester               Burlington


1988                          1st Tewksbury        1st Reading                   Tewksbury -C

                                  2ND Methuen           2nd Stoneham                   Reading


1989                          1st Chelmsford       1st Winchester             Chelmsford -C

                                  2ND Tewksbury       2nd Burlington                 Tewksbury


1990                          1st Billerica              1st Lynnfield               Chelmsford -C

                                  2ND Chelmsford       2nd Winchester               Billerica


1991                          1st Chelmsford         1st North Reading      Chelmsford -C

                                  2ND Billerica              2nd Reading                    Billerica


1992                          1st Chelmsford          1st Stoneham                   Lowell -C

                                  2ND Lowell                 2nd North Andover   North Andover


1993                          1st Chelmsford         1st Reading                       Lowell -C

                                  2ND Lowell                2nd North Reading          Chelmsford


1994                         1st Chelmsford          1st Reading                   Chelmsford -C

                                 2ND Lowell                 2nd Stoneham                      Lowell


1995                         1st Chelmsford           1st Reading                   Stoneham -C

                                 2ND Lowell                  2nd Stoneham                   Reading


1996                         1st Chelmsford           1st Burlington             Chelmsford -C

                                 2ND Lowell                   2nd Stoneham                     Lowell


1997                         1st Chelmsford            1st Reading                      Reading -C

                                 2ND Lowell                   2nd Stoneham               Chelmsford


1998                         1st Lowell                     1st North Andover              Lowell -C

                                 2ND Billerica                 2nd North Reading              Billerica


1999                         1st Lowell                     1st Reading                        Lowell -C

                                 2ND Chelmsford           2nd North Andover            Reading


2000                          1st Chelmsford          1st Reading                     Reading -C

                                  2ND Lowell                 2nd North Andover       Chelmsford


2001                          1st Chelmsford          1st Reading                      Reading -C

                                  2ND Andover              2nd Wakefield                  Wakefield


2002                          1st Lowell                   1st Reading                        Lowell -C

                                  2ND Chelmsford         2nd North Reading         Chelmsford


2003                          1st Haverhill               1st Reading                      Haverhill -C

                                  2ND Chelmsford         2nd North Reading              Lowell


2004                          1st Haverhill               1st Stoneham             Chelmsford  -C

                                  2ND Chelmsford         2nd North Reading          Haverhill


2005                          1st Chelmsford          1st North Reading -tie     Billerica -C

                                  2ND Westford             1st Billerica -tie           North Reading


2006                          1ST Lowell                  1st North Reading      Wilmington -C

                                  2ND Chelmsford         2nd Wilmington           North Reading




                                                FOR THE RECORD BOOK


                     League Champions since inception of two divisions, 35 Years


                                                             Chelmsford - 11

                                                              Lowell - 7

                                                              Reading - 5

                                                              Burlington - 3

                                                              Dracut - 2

                                                              Everett - 1

                                                              Tewksbury - 1         

                                                              Lynnfield - 1

                                                              Stoneham - 1

                                                              Haverhill - 1

                                                              Billerica - 1

                                                              Wilmington - 1








                       2005 Northeast League Champions - Billerica



                              2005 North Div. Champion - Chelmsford

Note, Coach Ken Duane, left 2nd row, prior League Commissioner.

Had won 11 League Championships as Chelmsford’s Coach.






                     1995 Northeast League Champions - Stoneham


Note, Coach Glen Crooker, back row left, current League Commissioner



                                 FOR THE RECORD


There were 16 All North Division Final Championship Series

There were 5 All South Division Final Championship Series


And there were 14 North vs. South Final Championship Series








                       Division Champions since 2 Division Format


                                                  Chelmsford - 21

                                                   Reading - 16

                                                   Lowell - 7

                                                   Wakefield - 4

                                                   Burlington - 3

                                                   North Reading - 3 ( 1 co - champ )

                                                   Dracut -2

                                                   Haverhill - 2

                                                   Lynnfield - 2 

                                                   Winchester - 2

                                                   Woburn - 2

                                                   Stoneham - 2

                                                   Billerica - 2 ( 1 co - champ )

                                                   Tewksbury - 1

                                                   North Andover - 1

                                                   Lexington - 1





                                              FOR THE RECORD


 1. Wakefield made the playoffs 6 years in a row, 1972 - 1977, did not win a

     League title.


2. Dracut was the first team to win 2 Championships in a row, 1975 & 1976.


3. Chelmsford won the North Division Title 7 years in a row, 1977 - 1983.

    They made the playoffs 8 straight years, 1976 - 1983.


4. Reading made the playoffs 7 straight years.


5. Burlington was the second team to win back to back League                 

    Championships. 1984 & 1985.


6. Chelmsford was the third team to win back to back League     

    Championships. 1986 & 1987.


7. Chelmsford was the only team to win 3 consecutive League

    Championships. 1989, 1990, & 1991.


8. Lowell won back to back League Championships 2 times, 1992 & 1993,

    1998 & 1999.

9. Chelmsford went to the playoffs 9 years in a row, 1989 - 1997. They

    also won the North Division Title 7 years in a row 1991 - 1997.


10. Reading won South Division Title 5 years in a row, 1999 - 2003. They

      also won 2 consecutive League Titles in 2000 and 2001.


11. North Reading has a current streak of making the playoffs 5 years

      in a row.  2002 - 2006.



Teams that have made Playoff Appearances since 2 Divisions were set up.



                                          Chelmsford - 27

                                           Reading - 19

                                           Lowell - 18

                                           Wakefield - 9

                                           North Reading - 8

                                           Stoneham - 8

                                           Burlington - 7 

                                           Billerica - 6

                                           Dracut - 5

                                           Winchester - 5

                                           Lynnfield - 4

                                           North Andover - 4

                                           Wilmington - 4

                                           Tewksbury - 3

                                           Woburn - 3

                                            Haverhill - 2

                                            Everett - 2 

                                            Andover -`1

                                            Lexington - 1

                                            Methuen - 1

                                            Westford -1














North Division has 18 Wins  -  South Division has 11 Wins -  1 Tie



1975    at Wakefield                     Winner - North

1976    at Lowell                           Winner - North

1977    at Burlington                    Winner - South

1978    No Game - 1 Division

1979    No Game - 1 Division

1980    at Lowell                           Winner - South

1981    at Lowell                           Winner - South

1982    at Wakefield                      Winner - South

1983    at Lowell                           Winner - North 

1984    at Wakefield                      Winner - South

1985    at Burlington                     Winner - Tie

1986    at Wakefield                      Winner - South

1987    at Melrose                         Winner - South

1988    at Melrose                         Winner  - North

1989    at Melrose                         Winner  - North

1990    at Melrose                         Winner - North

1991    at Chelmsford                   Winner - North

1992    at Wakefield                      Winner - South

1993    at Lowell                           Winner - North

1994    at Wakefield                      Winner - North

1995    at Wilmington                   Winner - North

1996    at Wilmington                   Winner - North




                            1996 South Division Allstar Team

Jamie Saccardo - Lynnfield                               Jason Little - Stoneham

Nate Hummer - Lynnfield                                   JP Norden - Stoneham

Scott Myette - North Reading                             Ryan Nolan - Stoneham

Brian Delano - North Reading                            PJ Heffernan - Wilmington

Tom Carlson - Burlington                                   Phil Bates - Wilmington

Jamie Doherty - Burlington                                Scott Swiezynski - Wilmington

Jim Gray - Reading                                             Tim Guthrie - North Andover

Dan Foley - Reading                                           Petros Volgaris - North Andov.



                              1996 North Division Allstar Team

Sean Conway - Dracut                                        Matt Lelacheur - Lowell

Dave Halligan - Dracut                                        Jeff Driscoll - Lowell

Todd Littlefield - Chelmsford                             Nick Nugent - Hudson, NH

Graham Walsh - Chelmsford                              PJ McCoy - Hudson, NH

Kevan Kivlan - Chelmsford                                 Rich Bertolucci - Billerica

Adam McCusker - Chelmsford                           Jason Pearl - Billerica

Jarrett Fay - Chelmsford                                     Mike Scanlon - Littleton

Nate Linstad - Chelmsford                                  Bill Camp - Littleton

Alex Lelless - Westford                                       Tom Ryan - Tewksbury

Todd Littlefield - Tewksbury                               Nick Amato - Tewksbury

Tim Sullivan - Tewksbury

1997    at Wilmington                                      Winner - North

1998    at Wilmington                                      Winner - North

1999    at Lowell                                              Winner - North

2000    at Wilmington                                      Winner - South

2001    at Wilmington                                      Winner - North

2002    at Wakefield                                         Winner - North

2003    at Haverhill                                           Winner - North

2004    at Wilmington                                       Winner - South

2005    at Haverhill                                            Winner- North

2006    at Wilmington                                        Winner - South





                                        NORTH ALLSTARS


Jon DeLeo - Andover                                     Mark Davis - Tewksbury

Joe Gill - Andover                                          Jeff Little - Tewksbury

Matt Novaco - Chelmsford                             David Kiloski - Lowell

Chris O’Neil - Chelmsford                              Mike McCormack - Lowell

Mike Roberts - Chelmsford                            Dan Noel - Lowell

Jamie Durkin - Dracut                                     Tim Stronach - Haverhill

Corey Pare - Dracut                                         Steve Watson - Haverhill

Dave Brady - Greater Lowell Voc                   Tom Gagnon - Westford

Brian Higgins - Greater Lowell Voc               Wilder Parks - Westford



                                          SOUTH  ALLSTARS



Matt Hoag - Billerica                                          Anthony Saco - Stoneham

John Sholl - Billerica                                         Aaron Feinberg - Stoneham

Mike Miller - Burlington                                     James Palmer - Stoneham

Kevin Distaso - North Reading                          Taylor Vonkriegenberg - Stone

Andrew Mucciarone - North Reading                Andrew Warden - Wakefield

Sam Hummer - Lynnfield                                   Michael Crusco - Wakefield

Jesse Bruinsma - Lynnfield                                Ken Luongo - Wilmington

John O’Donnell - Woburn                                   Sean Murphy - Wilmington

Eric Davis - Woburn




In all the years as a Coach here in Stoneham I have never seen a player

hit for the cycle, Single, Double, Triple, Homerun. At this game Stoneham’s

Jimmy Palmer hit the cycle as shown in the score book page attached.



                    Jimmy Palmer , at Chelmsford 2004


Jimmy I believe is the only player to ever hit for the cycle in a

Northeast League Allstar Game.